Global Key-Value Store.beta

Get Started

gokv is a real-time network and storage solution that provides global, fast synchronization of data at the edge. It is designed for serverless and edge compute platforms, offering zero-latency access to data and ensuring that your apps are always up-to-date.


import gokv from "";

For Node.js users, you will require Node.js 16+:

npm install gokv
import gokv from "gokv";

or import the module via in browsers:

import gokv from "";


gokv works in Deno, Node.js and browsers. You need to setup the environment before using it.

Set Access Token

Please log in to get the access token.

import gokv from "";

gokv.config({ token: "xxxxxx" });

or set the token in environment variable with name GOKV_TOKEN without calling the config method.

Configuration in Browsers

You need to implement the /sign-access-token API by yourself before use gokv in browsers, check out the Access Token.

import gokv from "";

gokv.config({ signUrl: "/sign-access-token" });

Importing Web-Polyfill

gokv uses the standard web fetch, crypto and WebSocket API, you need to import the Web-Polyfill in Node.js v16 environment.

import "gokv/web-ployfill";