Global Key-Value Store.beta


gokv is free for all developers. We want to make sure that everyone can use it without any limitations. However, we have to set some limits to make sure that the service is available for everyone.

  • 1,000 co-documents
  • 1,000 chat-rooms
  • 500 MB KV storage (including oauth-users, co-documents, chat-rooms)
  • 5 GB FS storage

Co Documents

  • 10 MB per document
  • 10,000 socket connections per day

Chat Rooms

  • 10,000 socket connections per day

KV Storage

  • key size: 2048 bytes
  • value size: 128 KiB

FS Storage

  • Image size: 10 MB
  • Non-image size: 100 MB

Upgrade to Pro

gokv is under active development. We are working on new features and improvements. If you want to support us, you can upgrade to PRO. Pro users get unlimited storage and more features. Once gokv reaches general availablity, detailed pricing will be announced.